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Get a Fast Reporting Card to All 3 Bureaus!

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Build Up to Better Credit

Invest in yourself by opening up
your secured credit card. Put
down the deposit today and start
building your better credit score

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Your secured credit card is issued by MasterCard and gives you the freedom to make purchases with your card everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Receive your secured credit card
in as little as 2 weeks and quickly
start building positive credit
history that will improve your
credit score!

Common Questions


You will receive your secured card once you have fully funded the deposit to open the card. You can put down as little as $200 to open your secured card if you enroll through our program.
In addition, the low annual fee on the card will report as an on time payment to your credit report before you even receive the card in the mail. This ensures you are able to quickly start building your credit score! ​​


Yes! Credit Builder Card’s program is designed to help you build your credit score with all three credit bureaus. It would be impossible to say how much your score will go up but members have seen their score improve by more than 50 points. To get the maximum increase to your score we recommend always making your payments on time for your secured card.


That’s right 🙂 We want our service to be accessible to everyone and that means no credit score requirement. You use your own money to fund your deposit to open your card and as a result there are no strict credit requirements. Please note there will be a credit check as part of the card’s underwriting process. You may not be approved for the card if you have an active bankruptcy in the courts. In very rare situations the issuing Bank may request a copy of your Drivers License to verify your identity.


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Your card deposit is held in a FDIC
Insured Bank Account.

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